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April 7, 2010

Looking into the future of computers



The ipad has been touted as the future of PCs. But the tablet PC has been attempted by most of the major PC providers before including Apple. The principle are the same ,but Apple’s combination of its blockbuster apps has added a certain bite to this new product.

Plus Apple’s ability to publicly advertise their new products. Like seen below where Steve Colchester showed it at the Grammy’s 3 days after Apple introduced the iPad!



Principles of Graphic Design

April 6, 2010

The onion news, a page that I have so often frequented without ever truely analysing the content and  the visual presentation of the page. This site has been developing over the years and I have seen a change in the way it has been designed and structured. Looking at the four main guidelines of graphic design I will give my own opinion on the site at present.


Onion news grouping webpage 

The above clip shows how the page has been designed to enable me to browse the site more effectively. Navigation is made quicker through grouping of links and I found locating items of interest easy due to clear grouping and seperation of different content.



As seen above the Onion News Sports page is designed so that every article is aligned in cohesion with the others. As a result nothing offputs or distracts the viewer of the page when looking at the content.



The same navigation bar format has been used for every page providing user with familiarity and ease of use.  


The 4 highlighted boxes above show how each box display individual image in picture box above allowing user easily view image from each box.


Different heading styles

The different headings for each column allow readers to easily identify different stories. The above excerpt shows how this is done through different heading sizes and colours.


Google China

March 24, 2010

It doesn’t get any bigger then this, Google and China have clashed again over the search engine’s uncensored ethos.

Google china 

Google initially took adopted the move due to the huge market that is China and potential business that exists.

The government has begun blocking some of the main  Google tools and this has caused an international stir which will have implications on both the Chinese government, Chinese Business and the Chinese public.

Business tools like Youtube and Blogger are down in China and one must ask will China’s business lose the use of two largest search engines in the world?

What will happen next is a question to put to  Larry and Sergey!


Comparison of the Usability of websites for Aer Lingus & Ryanair

March 16, 2010

Having been given the task of assessing the usability of two major Irish airlines, I went into this task using the Heuristic Evaluation method designed by Nielsen.

Therefore, both Ryanair and Aer Lingus need to look at the usability of their website.






Aer Lingus Aer Lingus Image 




Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors:

Error messages should be expressed in plain language (no codes), precisely indicate the problem, and constructively suggest a solution.


After Starting the Ryanair booking process I ran into a number of problems whilst booking the flight. The sight provided me with pop up boxes which as seen below provided me with clear guidance on what to do to rectify my errors.

After entering in a date earlier then departing a pop up box was displayed showing me what  needed to be done

enter correct date

Onto the next stage of the booking process and a pop box is displayed which is very handy for users as indicates what areas need to be filled in.

Enter in correct passport details

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus has a very similiar method to Ryanair in terms of Error handling. I believe that Ryanair’s method is more efficient as the pop up box centres on the user screen whereas Aer Lingus’s notice appears top of the page.

enter in city

Aer Lingus’s error handling controls are more colourful and easy to read however.

Aer Lingus’s error handling is more comprehensive then the Ryanair process as more steps are handled for errors like prices and payment as seen below

Aer Lingus also provides very effective tool which shows users error message indicating where they have ommited important details. It also highlights areas like Name in red as seen below.

User control and freedom

 Users must be able to control what they wish to do within every area of the airlines booking process. If on a page which they wish to leave they need to be able to go back or undo.


 Ryanair site allows clearly to go forwards but there is no secure connection to go back.



Aer Lingus

The Aer Lingus site provides users with opportunity to go back securely if they have entered into an area which they do not wish to be in.

 Aer Lingus page is completely more efficient from user control and freedom aspect as users can select control tabs to exit process, get help and go back.

Visibility of system status  


The Ryanair process and AerLingus process are both similiar in that they both provide clear process where the customer can easily see where they are currently, what areas they have completed and what still is needed to be done.

Aer Lingus

Personally I feel the Aer Lingus site has a more comprehensive process for the visibility of system status as there is a clear colour coordination of where customer is in the booking process.


 Why not go onto the sites yourself and book your holiday



Multimedia & Business

March 2, 2010

So touch is a creative software company that has developed So touch Presention for creating multi-touch presentations for Windows 7

Companies are trying to use this new form of multimedia  to improve their business and examples  of this can be seen in takeovers



This can be seen in this demo



Bill Gates at Ted2010 conference

March 2, 2010

Now Bill Gates is as much as a visionnary as one will find.


 His vision set Microsoft to the top and any idea he comes out with usually is gold.

Here’s a way to get a closer look at what the great man is saying all of the time!

Bill Gate’s Tweeter account

His latest vision is developing innovative technologies that produce energy without generating any CO2 emissions at all.


Intellectual ventures is an organisation which has caught his eye of late through their own principles and beliefs.


Multimedia and Business

February 23, 2010

Companies have begun to use multimedia as a new Sky Interactivemedium for generating business.


Sky Interactive is one of the latest technologies which allows users new ways to browse their tvs.

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