Principles of Graphic Design

April 6, 2010

The onion news, a page that I have so often frequented without ever truely analysing the content and  the visual presentation of the page. This site has been developing over the years and I have seen a change in the way it has been designed and structured. Looking at the four main guidelines of graphic design I will give my own opinion on the site at present.


Onion news grouping webpage 

The above clip shows how the page has been designed to enable me to browse the site more effectively. Navigation is made quicker through grouping of links and I found locating items of interest easy due to clear grouping and seperation of different content.



As seen above the Onion News Sports page is designed so that every article is aligned in cohesion with the others. As a result nothing offputs or distracts the viewer of the page when looking at the content.



The same navigation bar format has been used for every page providing user with familiarity and ease of use.  


The 4 highlighted boxes above show how each box display individual image in picture box above allowing user easily view image from each box.


Different heading styles

The different headings for each column allow readers to easily identify different stories. The above excerpt shows how this is done through different heading sizes and colours.


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